Monday, March 5, 2012

Paint. Paint. Paint.


What a weekend!

Saturday night I began a BIG work project with my boss and a handful of AMAZING volunteers.

Our big project?

photo (39)photo (37)   photo (38)

Painting our entire store…including fixtures! We moved every piece of merchandise into the center of the store and prepped the walls on Saturday night.

On Sunday we started painting! 12 hours later, we’re finished with walls and about 20% of the fixtures.

photo (36)

Sheer exhaustion meets hesitation and excitement

^^because when I came home Parrish had surprised me with a YUMMY supper!

quesadilla 009

Quesadillas with black beans and Greek yogurt!

Melted in the corn tortillas: caramelized onion and red pepper with sharp cheddar, roasted garlic, and fresh spinach

Yep. Best. Husband. Ever.

AND now I’m back to work! Another full day of painting. Cross your fingers we finish today!!!!!!