Thursday, March 1, 2012

It’s not a Gang or a Lion


So NOW it’s really March 1st…right?!

I still can’t believe that I wrote an entire post about how it was March 1st…on February 1st! In case you need a reminder of how silly I am – Feb. post here.

I wish I could say how excited I am that it’s March 1st, but in all honesty I am not having a terrific morning. If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning, then you may remember that when I was in college, I had a ganglion cyst removed from my left wrist.

              photo (35)

Hence the super special scar I have. Which honestly doesn’t bother me.

Before I had the cyst removed, I would get this big bony bump on my wrist for a day that would hurt like heck and then it would go away. But after time, it would pop up for longer spans and would become so sore that I couldn’t use that hand for anything.


Now my other wrist seems to have caught it. For the last year or so, I would get that same bony bump. But like before, it would go away after a day and then not resurface for weeks. It made it easy to forget about.

Enter: two days ago and my wrist started KILLING. And as of this morning it is still incredibly painful. I am typing this blog post with ONE hand people! That’s how much I love you!

Winking smile

I know I’m going to have to bite the bullet and go to the doctor, but in all honesty the recovery from the left wrist’s surgery was terrible. I was in a cast for months, and my fingers swelled to the size of sausages. And this is my right wrist! I use that baby for everything!

BUT I am not throwing myself a pity party. Promise. And I’m trying not to jump to conclusions before a doctor looks at it. Although, I’m 99.9% sure I already know what they’re going to say.


In other, BETTER, news I had a bangin’ snack yesterday!

            photo (33)

Rotisserie Chicken chopped into bits mixed with Moore’s Buffalo Sauce and served on top of a Chip’in!

A few weeks ago I received a package from Popcorn Indiana to give them feedback on: Chip’ins!

pimento cheese 006

I LOVE them. I ate the buffalo chips in a matter of days! But the sea salt ones are definitely my favorite because you can top them. The consistency is similar to a pop chip, but they’re larger and easier to use for dipping.

And I was looking on their website and they now have a Jalapeno Ranch flavor!?! Must have now.

Surprisingly I haven’t tried the Caramel popcorn yet, but I’m sure it’s delicious. Have you ever had their Bacon Ranch popcorn or their Black & White Chocolate drizzle popcorn?! YUMMY!

Another good thing that came out of yesterday:

photo (34)

We got in these pretty Fair Trade e-reader pouches from Unique Batik in Guatemala. The embroidery comes from recycled shirts! My nook finally has a nice place to sleep in my purse!

Phew! This post took over an hour to type and the subject is ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Happy March 1st!!