Monday, March 12, 2012

A Great Foodie Weekend

I’m not sure if it was relief from not painting the weekend away, or because I finished all my school work on Friday afternoon, but this past weekend was one of the best!

Friday night Parrish and I had a date night that started at one of our favorite Durham, NC restaurants:

            photo (44)

Geer Street Garden

Not only do they offer Crispin and Redbridge,

photo (42)  photo (43)

BUT they also have gluten free bread on hand. Gluten Free Grilled Pimento Cheese? Yes please!

               photo (45)

They don’t advertise the bread on their menu, but the last time I dined there the owner let me know when I put in an order for a porkchop, asking for it to be gluten free. Turns out that his wife has Celiac Disease! And while you can’t have the fries because they’re not in a dedicated fryer, who cares! You can eat a grilled pimento cheese!

After supper we went to see the movie Friends with Kids. It was pretty good! Not as funny as I had hoped, and neither Parrish nor I thought the ending was great, but overall we liked it!

I spent the majority of the day Saturday at my parent’s house, spending some quality time with my mom and dog sister Lucy. I made it home early, and spent the rest of the night catching up on laundry and hanging out with Parrish. We’re wild like that.

Yesterday, was another great Durham day, as Parrish and I headed to the Food Truck Rodeo!

photo (49)

Once a month, 29 area Food Trucks gather at Durham Central Park for a Food Truck Rodeo, and it’s awesome! From Korean BBQ and crepes, to raw food and ice cream, there is something for everyone!

I packed my own GF bun so that I could get a BBQ sandwich, and I’m so glad I did!

photo (47)   photo (46)

I enjoyed a sweet and meaty BBQ sandwich from Olde North State BBQ AND a serving of raw, gluten free pad thai…followed up with a scoop of ice cream from the Parlour!

Great food weekend! Good thing I didn’t take the weekend off from the YMCA!

Now, who wants to come join me for supper at Geer Street?! Winking smile


Check back later today for a post on why and how I Menu Plan!