Monday, March 12, 2012

Gluten Free Menu Planning

GF menu planning

It may sound overly dramatic, but honestly: Menu Planning saves my life! Being gluten free makes eating on the run harder, and when I’m hungry I can go from happy to meltdown in a matter of minutes! When you’re hungry, what’s worse than standing in front of your fridge feeling like there’s nothing there…oh yeah, and you’ve been at work for 8 hours.

No thank you.

AND how many nights do you cook at home?! I cook at home every night during the week and most weekends. I swear we dirty more dishes than the average family! But when you eat at home so often, you need a plan.

So Parrish and I started menu planning, and it makes such a difference! PLUS, we end up making healthier choices too since we plan in advance with our brains, instead of in the moment with our stomachs!

It all starts Sunday morning, with a cup of coffee and my computer. First, I check the weather.

                             photo (4)

That may seem silly, but I like to plan warm, cozy meals for cold days and light meals for warm days.

Then I check our work and sports schedules. Parrish has a soccer game on Wednesday, so I know that we won’t eat together that night. Then I check my pantry and the sales this week at Harris Teeter.

With all that information, I start the menu.

photo (48)

I try to designate at least one night a week where Parrish cooks and one night for leftovers. As I write a meal on a night, I write what I need to make it happen on the right.

From there, I make my grocery list by where I’ll find it in the store (type A??) and write the meals on our family calendar in the kitchen.


And in my defense, Harris Teeter on Sundays is CRAZY! It’s packed and people are out for blood! It’s not as bad as Costco, but it’s close. So I make my list in order of where I’ll find it in the store. Plus, we usually are sticking to the outer edges of the store anyway, and it sucks to be over in the dairy and realize you forgot something in the produce section.

In summary:

menu list

And I’m going to start sharing the menus here on the blog!

This week:

Monday – Big Salad with Roasted Chicken

Tuesday – Pork Chop with brussel sprouts and potatoes

Wednesday – on your own (I’ll eat leftover roasted chicken from Monday)

Thursday – Quinoa mac & cheese with collards

Friday – leftovers from the week


What about you? Do you menu plan? Tips or tricks to share? Leave them in the comments and I’ll update this post!