Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

give thanks

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

I LOVE Spring.

There’s something about Spring that makes me reflective. Maybe it’s because plants are sprouting, creating new chances. Or maybe it’s because the sun doesn’t set until 8pm, giving me more time outside and less time in front of the TV. Who knows.

But with all those BIG LIFE CHANGES I have coming up, I’ve been trying to spend this reflective time giving thanks and appreciating everything God has blessed me with.

Giving thanks doesn’t come easy to me. Not that it’s hard to be thoughtful, but it is hard to stop and take the time. Heck, it’s hard to remember that you need to remember to stop and take the time.

Every night before Parrish and I go to bed, we try to say one thing we’re thankful for. Most of the time it’s silly like “I’m thankful Hazel didn’t have terrible gas today when I was working from home” or “I’m thankful my bracket is doing so well”. But for every silly one, we have just as many serious ones.

“I’m thankful to be lucky enough to be married to my best friend"

“I’m thankful to have the luxury of finishing my degree”

“I’m thankful to be a home owner”

And you know what, I say it all the time BUT I’m thankful for you guys.

I’m thankful for the wonderful online community that we have created. I get such amazing support and friendship from every post I read and write.

My hope is that the more thankful I am, that the more time I take to be appreciative, the more love and support those around me will feel; the more full and happy I will become. And the better prepared I will be for stressful, woe is me moments.

So yep. Spring is my season to spark my thankfulness.

And yes. Today, I am thankful that Hazel didn’t have terrible gas.

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