Monday, February 20, 2012

What it’s ALL about

What a fantastic weekend!

While it wasn’t really filled with fantastic gluten free foods…


it was filled with best friends…

shower 014

a blushing bride…

shower 011

shower 012

and lots of fun gifties that I can’t share with you lovely folks on the inter-webs!


and you know, sometimes it’s not ALL about the food!

Sometimes you eat a food bar and suck it up, because you would never want to miss all this fun!

My dear friend Jessica is marrying her soul mate at the end of March, and I had so much fun on Saturday celebrating her and her love at a bridal shower. Funnily enough, that bridal shower was so much fun that it morphed into a late night bachelorette party at a drag show, and let’s just say that I still haven’t gotten my voice back!

And yes, there wasn’t much food at the bridal shower I could eat. And yes, the dinner reservations were at a pizza place. But it didn’t matter. Not one bit. I ate a big lunch before, packed a food bar, ate a salad, and was perfectly content!


Happy Monday!

I have a TON of school work to catch up on, and full day of work ahead of me! Hope you have a great day!