Monday, February 27, 2012

A Weekend in Instagram

Well, I have a new (and yummy) chicken cacciatore recipe to share with you guys. Unfortunately, my computer is still at the Repair Shop. The female and male ends of the battery charger have gotten in to a fight; hopefully my computer repair guy can convince them to make up.

SO I can’t share that recipe until this afternoon. Until then I’ll share some Instagram pictures with you from the weekend.

              photo (2)

A realization that maybe I own too many nail polishes; although, my friend Melissa knows someone who owns 480….so maybe I’m doing okay. BUT

                    photo (1)

how many shades of tangerine does one person need?! Thank goodness it’s the Pantone Color of 2012!

I also had a realization that no matter how crappy you’re feeling because of a lingering cold from hell…

          photo (5)

once you get on the other side of a triple non-fat vanilla latte with extra stiff foam,

                   photo (4)

you can still feel like  million bucks! Well…at least for as long as that caffeine stays in your system!

         photo (3)

^^ALSO, curling wands are the best invention ever! Hello, wavy, beachy hair I’ve always wanted. Big ups to Janeetha from Meals and Moves for sharing her hair tool secret!

The final realization I had this past weekend is that Max is seriously the cutest, most handsome basenji/beagle mix ever.And I’m pretty sure he knows it.

               photo (7)

And he just might be the funniest too!

                    photo (6)

Instagram: glutenhatesme


I’ll be back this afternoon with a healthy and gluten free version of chicken cacciatore! Happy Monday!