Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quinoa for the Win

You guys!


I am totally getting cold.

I’ve been chugging Umcka like it’s water, but I think I was too late. The deal with Umcka is you take it when start getting the tiniest inkling of sickness, which would have been Sunday. I didn’t start taking it until yesterday. Boooooooo.

Hopefully my morning coffee will give me the courage to get up off the couch and take a shower!

Last night I wanted a super cozy meal before I headed off to bed early, and succeed I did!

croquettes 025

I revisited the Resolution Croquettes recipe and I’m so glad I did! Warm, crunchy quinoa bites with a cheesy, gooey center. YUM!

I LOVE Quinoa! I really, really, really do.

croquettes 010

Haven’t tried quinoa yet? Get on it you guys! It’s naturally gluten free and full of fiber and protein!

Nervous about how to use it? Try the Croquettes recipe! And then write me a glowing email about how wonderful they were Smile