Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Life changes: The New Plan

Ummm…you guys are seriously awesome. I have the best readers, friends, blends, and family. I hated to leave you all hanging, but I literally couldn’t keep writing.

love you

The resolution to my issue is the hardest part.

So. Where were we?

Yes. What am I going to do?

Well, first I made appointments with everyone at UNCW I could think of. I met with all of them and promptly cried in their office….I wish that was a joke.

Then I sat down with my amazing hubby Parrish and talked about all of the options: Ending the degree, paying a ton of money, or moving to Wilmington.

None of the options sounded good. Hence the heart wrenching vague posts that you had to read.


Imagine me sitting on my couch and crying like a sobbing baby, and that’s where I was two weeks ago. I am an UGLY crier. Really. I don’t think it gets worse than me with the waterworks goin’.

Then we talked with our parents and my bestie and let them know the deal. Love, support, and advice were offered and accepted. Finally the decision was made.


From May 17th until December 20th, I will be living TEMPORARILY in Wilmington, NC and finishing my degree.


I know what you’re thinking…

But wait, what about your job?

Yep. I have to quit my job. Not happy about it.

So…you’re going to live on one income? Is your husband a model?

Surprisingly, he’s not a model. (He could be; a purse model perhaps?)

day three 017

He actually works for a non-profit too, so obviously we’re rollin’ in the dough. Nope. Wrong again. It’s going to be TIGHT in the Ravelli house for a long time, and I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that it’s seriously giving me heart palpitations. I am nervous about it.

Get ready for some CHEAP gluten free recipes in the next few months!

Mortgage + Rent is expensive!!

Yes it is, which is why we won’t be doing that. Luckily, my fabulous in-laws (seriously, they’re the best) will be letting me stay with them. Finishing my degree wouldn’t even be an option if they hadn’t offered

But wait…where’s your hubby going to be?

In Durham. That’s the worst part. As much as I love my job and am scared to not have an income, I don’t want to live apart from my husband. Unhappiness. Distance makes the heart grow fonder is my mantra. PLUS we have super fancy i-phones, so we’ll have Face Time which is nice.

You can visit on weekends right?

Read the answer for the single income question and repeat that. We honestly aren’t going to be able to travel to each other as much as I know I’ll want to, but we’ll break it up into manageable chunks.

Oh but that surcharge! How many semesters will you pay tuition & a half?

One. As it turns out, summer classes are exempt from the surcharge. So I’ll be taking four classes (two each session) over the summer. Then I’ll take three classes in the fall and finish. The surcharge on three classes won’t be too bad, and I feel better knowing that I’m only getting duped for one semester.

Phew! This is crazy. But are you happy?

Ultimately, yes. Finishing my degree is incredibly important to me. I know that if I didn’t finish, I would regret it. Every time I saw my Papa he would ask me when I was going to go back to school, and the last time I spoke with him he told me that it was his one regret in life, that he left Clemson to work on the farm and never finished.

I also know that if I paid this surcharge for more than one semester it would be just plain silly. The plan we have chosen is the best option, and I’m getting on board. Luckily I have until May to shine to it.


The silver lining is that I am SO CLOSE. I know I can do this. AND I know that Parrish and I can do this. And hopefully soon, I’ll be able to talk about this upcoming change and be excited instead of weepy.

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Jen said...

April, you are one tough lady and I think you will rock those seven months. It will go by fast and in the grand scheme of things it's just a blip. I know you'll be ok!! Keep your head up girl, we are all rooting for you!!!