Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gluten and My Face

So….we all know how I feel about gluten free hair care.


what the heck is in Cetaphil?!

gluten free face 003

A few weeks ago, in a Fitness Fridays post, I had a shot of my gym bag and in said gym bag was my Cetaphil moisturizer. (also pictured above) Kind reader Sam commented on that post, and opened my eyes to a possible controversy surrounding Cetaphil.

Is it gluten free?


Uh oh.

gf zone 

One email to Galderma, the company responsible for Cetaphil, and you will receive a blanket response that it appears the entire blog-o-sphere has received:

The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser does not contain ingredients that may be derived from grains and therefore does not contain gluten.

The other Cetaphil products contain ingredients that may be derived from grains and therefore possibly contains gluten.

May be? Seriously Cetaphil? Possibly? Come on!

So I emailed again and asked if they were seriously telling me that they weren’t sure what was in their products (read: too lazy to care) and what ingredient in that chemical smorgasbord could be derived from gluten?


No response. 

Not only are they too lazy to know what’s in their products, but apparently they’re too lazy to respond to their emails.

The ingredients list is daunting:

gluten free face 004

These aren’t your found in nature ingredients. These are all straight up chemical compounds and confusing carbon what’s it names. I googled every item (because that’s what a good researcher does) and I still couldn’t find a straight tie to gluten.

But I did find tons of grey area, and a possibility that I’ve been using beef fat on my face.

So yesterday I bit the bullet and went to Whole Foods in search of something I could understand.

gluten free face 007

I ended up purchasing Mineral Fusion. This was in the middle road as far as prices go. There were gluten free facial care products that were cheaper, but I LOVE mineral makeup and thought this just might be the same.

Plus, I liked what they were telling me on the back of the bottle.

gluten free face 010

Not the supple skin part, although that’d be good, but the formula purity. Thank you for being free of gluten mineral fusion, you sure know the way to a girl’s heart.

And the ingredients list on the cleanser actually makes sense!

gluten free face 012

For the few I couldn’t figure out, like Decyl Glucoside, I simply googled once I got home.

Thank you Sam for the heads up  on the Cetaphil!

What about you? Is your face wash and lotion gluten free? Do you get a skin reaction to gluten?


Jen said...

Thanks for this! I use the moisturizer too! Funny that after years of going to dermatologists they never once questioned my diet besides: "too much chocolate and grease." I find it so daunting and confusing to read the labels of products. I can never tell what they are! Maybe I Should start buying all my products at Whole Foods, just to be safe.

Amanda said...

I use all gluten free and sulfate free products - I actually looked into this after reading about your shampoo switch.

My back and face are completely clear now! Amazing what a difference taking the gluten made (i was already sulfate free)

Sam said...

Getting a shout out on Gluten Hates Me is like Christmas. I will definitely have to check that stuff out the next time I'm in a town with a Whole Foods! Thanks!

Bren said...

I've been using the Ren-Pure shampoos etc. and found that they make a BIG difference! Thanks for the heads up on Cetaphil!

Lisa said...

I use Arbonne hair, face and body products. All natural, gluten free and fabulous. Their formulas are never tested on animals and do not contain animal derived ingredients or animal by-products.

GF Gidget said...

I use Cetaphil face wash, so I'm glad that's safe. I have noticed gluten is in a lot of lotions. I worry that it will be on my hands, I will eat something, and I will end up ingesting it. Also, I end up breaking out really badly if I use products with gluten in them.

Ang said...

This is really awful but I cannot seem to get into a good routine with moisturizer. Everything I try breaks my face out so I just go without. I've never really checked for gluten though, just assumed I didn't have skin reactions, so that's something I might should look into!

Becky said...

I use Arbonne, not everything because it is pricy, but day cream, night cream, and eye cream, and they are great. I figure, spend the money on stuff that stays on my face all day. All gluten-free, and the ingredients are botanicals, not unidentifiable chemicals. For lotion, I use California Baby and Kiss My Face, both available at Whole Foods and Ulta (good when they have a coupon). Since switching to all gluten free skin care (which I never thought of until I read about it in blog world) my skin looks great!

Faith Teegardin said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog! My husband recently decided to go gluten free, so I'm looking forward to exploring your articles. As far as safe skin care goes, have you tried virgin coconut oil? I use it as a hair conditioner, cleanser/makeup remover, moisturizer, and even as a scrub with a pinch of white sugar. Not only does it make my skin soft and smooth, it also clears up and helps to prevent breakouts. I used to use Mary Kay and then I switched to Burt's Bees, but I feel more comfortable using something that has only one ingredient (and I feel even better knowing that one ingredient came off a tree instead of from a lab!)

Anonymous said...

I understand the concern over products that contain gluten, but don't be so fast to judge Cetaphil for not "knowing" what's in their products. They know. They just have to cover themselves in case somehow something with gluten was used in the same facility and got mixed in by mistake. Is that ok? No. Does it mean they don't know their products? No. It means we are a "sue first, ask questions later" society that makes producing anything difficult. Also, i'm sure you're aware that even M&Ms have a notice on the back of every type that says it "may contain peanuts". They know what's in their product, but noone can know if a peanut particle, from a previous batch of candy, got into the non peanut variety by mistake. Glad you found something at Whole foods! I'll have to try it!

Unknown said...

We have to take our health into our own hands. Leaving it to companies that "know, but can't guarantee" what is in their products is too much of a risk any more.
That is part of why I switched to Melaleuca. www.saferforyourhome.com My kids are healthier, my home is healthier and I wouldn't want it any other way.
I only just realized that a form of formaldehyde is in nearly EVERYTHING we use. Cleaners, shampoos, conditioners, detergents, skin care (even baby wash and lotion)...it's everywhere, small wonder we went from 1 in 4000 having cancer to 1 in 2 people. There is a manufacturer for laundry detergent that if they have a "spill" in the factory during production standard procedure is to evacuate and a select few will go in wearing protective gear to clean up.
I switched a year ago and we've never been healthier, no more eczema or allergies and I had no idea that what Wal-Mart and the big companies was selling me was slowly killing me, my children and my pets.

Anonymous said...

How do you like the Mineral Fusion face wash and moisturizer?

Rachel said...

How do you like the Mineral Fusion face wash and moisturizer?

Anonymous said...

Vitamin e can be derived from Wheat as can any alcohol. Don't forget cross contamination issues or air bourne issues. If they make a gluten/wheat product then wash down the lines cross contamination can still exist.

Anonymous said...

July 2, 2012
Just received this reply to my GF query to Cetaphil - another way to say, "we don't know"!

Thank you for your email regarding your concerns about Cetaphil® products containing gluten derived ingredients. The ingredients listed in the formulation of Cetaphil® Moisturizing Lotion are not recognized gluten sources; however, Galderma Laboratories, L.P. does not test for trace amounts of gluten that may be present in the ingredients or as a result of the manufacturing process. Additionally, ingredient suppliers may change. If you are a celiac disease patient, you may want to consult your healthcare provider before using Cetaphil® Moisturizing Lotion. Cetaphil® Moisturizing Lotion.


Galderma Webmaster

Jenny Burr said...

Another great product that you should try is Ceela. It is gluten and soy free. It is amazing. I use the lotion faithfully and my skin has never felt better! They have different ones for different skin types too. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

I am new to the gluten free world and have been using Cetaphil for a while. However I am having weird tingling on my face so hmmm I wondered could it be my lotion!? Cetaphil has tocopheryl acetate which can be derived from wheat. So I checked out my lotions...oh my...they all seem to contain it! I learn something new every day.