Friday, February 3, 2012

Fitness Fridays: Make it Easier

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I have to say, that on this particular Fitness Friday, I am positively Tickled Pink!

Since joining the YMCA almost a year ago (a year in March) I had set a weight loss plan for myself. I knew I wanted to lose 30 pounds. But I also knew that I wanted to lose about a pound a month. At that slow of a weight loss I felt like I could manage the holidays, being in school while working, and really keep the weight off permanently.

I weighed myself yesterday, and I am officially 15 pounds lighter. And what’s even better is that I know that some of those pounds that are still on me aren’t even fat like they were, they are stone cold muscle baby!

In my last FF post, I told you guys how I made it easier to become a morning workout person. So today I thought I would share a few more tips that have made it easier for me to succeed!


Count to 4, Then 4 Again

There’s something about doing any form of crunches or sit ups, that makes me want to quit right away. Especially since you mostly do sets of 20 and repeat 4 to 5 times. So I started counting to 4. I do five sets of four, and break up the sets with other heart rate raising moves in between like jump rope or burpees. It honestly helps me get to the end. I don’t feel nearly as tired when I get to 20, and my brain never slams in to a wall and tells me to quit. I still end up doing 100, but I never hear that number and I never get overwhelmed.

Keep it Low, Then Pump It

When I start out on the Arc Trainer or Elliptical, I always keep my music pretty low. Then when I feel the will to sweat start waning, I pump up the volume one or two clicks. This burst in song is usually exactly what I need to get over the hump. I really hate that around 8 minutes in to a workout my brain turns in to a quitter, and almost a year into it and it still happens! But pumping it up helps.


Promise yourself 10 minutes, Then 10 more

Much like counting to 4, for any cardio I always promise myself 10 minutes. It doesn’t seem like an overwhelming goal and by the time I reach that mark I’m usually starting to sweat and feeling loose, so I promise myself 10 more. I like to do 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer, but some days I can only manage 20. But I don’t beat myself up about those lingering 10 minutes, because 20 is better than zero!


Keep it Fresh

Every two to three weeks, I go on to iTunes and download two to three new songs for my workout. The cost at that rate is minimal, and having new music keeps my booty moving. I also weed out older music, or any tracks that I notice I’ve started skipping through. I don’t need anything holding me back, especially bad music. I have the iPod Nano that clips to my sports bra, and if you have $129 bucks to spare, I highly recommend it! I LOVE mine.


Next Friday I’m going to show you my favorite gut busting moves, and none of them involve a sit up!

Have one you love? Email it to me by next Thursday and I’ll include it in the post!