Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Veggie Recipe: Kale Fried Rice

Hmmm…seems like I’m not the only one who hates the dentist and wants to keep their house clean with less work! 

I really loved recapping my resolutions here on the blog. It really helps me focus on my motives, and ultimately makes it more likely for me to reach my goals! And this past Tuesday, I accomplished #1: Try a new vegetable recipe once a week


kale 026

Kale Fried Rice with Crunchy Bacon Bits!

kale 028

Wholesome, Healthy, and completely DELICIOUS!! Also gluten free, obvi Winking smile

You’ll need:

A big ol’ bunch of kale

2 cups cooked brown rice

1-2 tbsp. gluten free tamari

2 cloves garlic- minced

3-4 pieces of bacon (Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon is ahh-mazing!)

Start by cutting your kale from the stem. Just drag your knife along both sides of the stem, so you have the leaf without the stem. (Discard the stem) Then chop your kale leaves into small bite-size bits. Steam the kale for 10 minutes. While the kale is steaming, cook your bacon and reserve the grease.

In the reserved bacon grease, start cooking your garlic for two minutes. Shake out excess liquid from the steamed kale and then add it into your garlic and bacon grease. Cook for four minutes, and then add in your rice. Give it a good stir to incorporate and add in 1-2 tbsp. tamari. I like 2 tbsp. but I also have strong taste buds!

Serve with crumbled bacon!

Don’t do bacon? Just cook the garlic in 3 tbsp. olive oil!

kale 032


I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this dish because of the huge amount of kale. I love kale chips, but I’m not big on raw kale. Turns out, steamed kale is tasty!

What’s your experience? Kale: yay or nay? And if nay: have you tried it steamed?


Tomorrow, a new feature on Gluten Hates Me: Fitness Fridays!


Nikki said...

My first experience with kale was recent, with a recipe for baked kale chips. I seasoned them with different flavors, but i added wayyyy too much olive oil, because they were SUPER greasy. And then i left them in too long and burned them. Greasy, burnt kale chips! NOT delish! But im going to give kale another stab cuz its basically a health superfood!

Donna said...

A friend once said you could fry toe nails in bacon grease and they would be tasty! I think this dish would taste great prepared in olive oil and a bacon garnish if desired. As I eat more vegetables I like the natural nutritious flavor to come through - the garlic is great with all vegetables and good for you too. Try it with sliced zucchini - to die for!

Ang said...

I love kale! I can't wait to try this recipe!

chelsey said...

I have also only tried kale once and I was not impressed (the popeye spinach in a can popped to mind). Though I like what Donna says about the added grease making health food good...maybe I'll just give it another try. :)