Thursday, January 19, 2012

James Dean meet Gluten Hates Me

Blog, meet James Dean.

james dean 3 118

James Dean is my new (as of a week ago) Canon Rebel T3 DSLR camera! And much like James Dean, he’s a rebel who’s mysterious and hard to understand.

Luckily I have two fur babies who make for pretty willing models. Bonus: they work for treats.

james dean 3 020

Hazel is pretty unsure of the sound that comes from the shutter.

james dean 3 131

Modeling makes Max sleepy…and hungry.

james dean 3 152

^^ What are you doing Mom?

james dean 2 032

^^ I’m really bored with this Mom. Let’s snuggle.

Luckily once the dogs get tired of modeling, I have plenty of other models who don’t seem to mind.

james dean 2 024

james dean 2 010

Although Honey Bear does have pretty steep sitting rates.

So then I have to turn the lens on myself. I bought a new red lipstick on Monday, and I’m still pretty unsure about it. When I wear lipstick I feel like a kid playing in my Mom’s makeup, but I’m a married woman! I can wear lipstick too!

james dean 3 263       james dean 3 270

james dean 3 271

I mean…I’m a grown up…right?!


Happy Thursday!!

Last night Parrish and I had breakfast for supper and it was such a treat! I made up a batch of gluten free french toast, and I have to say that I’m still thinking about it this morning!