Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gluten Hates Me: Daily Essentials


Week to week, my daily eating routine varies. Dependent on leftovers from suppers, hunger levels, and schedule workouts, some days I make sandwiches for lunch. Other days I pack a Kettle Cuisine soup (White Chicken Chili hello!?!) or a salad.

However, there are TEN items that I always keep “in stock” that help me through the pinches. Some mornings I accidentally oversleep and end up more rushed but with my essentials on hand I never feel overwhelmed.

It’s all about the planning!

essentials 008

1. Tasty Bite Madras Lentils: How often have I blogged about these tasty lentils? Too many to count, but I love them! Friends, you can heat them up IN the package! No bowl required. Not to mention it literally tastes like the best homemade chili. LOVE.I always stock up when they’re on sale or when I go to Costco.

2. Bananas: Or any other quick to go fruit such as tangerines, apples, or pears. A piece of fruit is typically just what I need to get through the 4-5:00 hump.

3. Babybel Light: Quick. Easy. Protein.

4. Quinoa: Cooks fairly fast (while I’m in the shower) and it’s so versatile. Add in salsa or olives with feta or roughly chopped carrots and celery…whatever!

5. Water: I am always packin’! Never underestimate the power of being hydrated! Skin, face, hunger level, mood: so many ways you can help your health with water.

6.. Greek Yogurt: this week it’s Chobani (10 for $10 at Harris Teeter) but next week it could be Fage. Either way, it’s always Greek. Full of protein, I prefer plain and vanilla because of sugar content. Snack, breakfast, dessert: it works!

7. Food Bar: another item where the brand changes but the concept doesn’t. I ALWAYS have a food bar in my purse. Parrish can attest, I suffer from the unfortunate condition of the hangries. (so hungry you’re angry) Having a food bar makes sure that never happens.

8. Fruit & Nuts: I love dried fruit and nuts, but I can’t trust myself with a whole bag. The tiny ball jar above is the best for serving size. In the mix: cranberries and walnuts.

9. Blender Bottle: Makes smoothies quick! With the little ball inside, smoothies that separate can be made smooth again in a second. You can even make smoothies the night before, just give it a good shake before you drink.

10. Slivered Almonds: If I’m feeling munchy (and crunchy) and I start thinking about potato chips, I just slip my hand into the almond container. It’s usually crunchy enough and filling enough to get chips off the brain.


What are your essentials? Share in the comments section!