Friday, January 6, 2012

Fitness Fridays: Sports Bras

As exercise became a regular part of my daily routine, I struggled with finding it's spot here on the blog. I don’t write detailed day-to-day posts as much anymore (exhausting much?!) but I do want to go into more detail on my workouts, the Y, and everything fitness related!

So = Fitness Fridays!

I thought I would start this new series off appropriately with….


Or more importantly, what I’ve learned about sports bras!

First off, my absolute FAVORITE:



C9 by Champion Seamless Racerback Sports Bra

I absolutely LOVE this bra. I’m not a super chesty gal (did I seriously just type that?) but I do have…enough…that I need a good sports bra. Love this one ^^^^

Which brings me to my second note about sports bras:

Never wear the same dirty one twice. Never.

I used to re-wear my sports bras. And I should tell you that I never leave the Y without sweating through my shirt. But the bra was dry by the next day, and if it passed the sniff test, then I would re-wear.

Enter: Chest and Back Acne

I started getting breakouts. At first I thought that maybe it was my pj’s or hormones, but then I realized that it was always in the range of my body covered by my sports bra. My dirty sports bra.

So I bought five. I now own six and never re-wear. And I started a new shower ritual after my workout:

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash!

I use a dime sized amount in the shower after my workout, on my chest, shoulders, and upper back.

Between the bras and the wash: acne be gone!


What about you? Do you have a favorite sports bra?