Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Creamy (Hidden Greens) Gluten Free Pasta

This dish checked TWO things off of my list! The first, it was a healthy meal after…all that chocolate cake, and the second: this is my new vegetable recipe for the week! I love when I take a step towards a New Years resolution! (makes me not feel so bad about those TWO pieces of chocolate cake!)

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This is a recipe in progress, so while I will tell you what’s in it, I’m not recommending it yet. Don’t get me wrong, it was DELICIOUS. But towards the end of the meal Parrish had the idea to top it with lemon zest (great idea) and we were even throwing around the idea of adding bacon. (although not the day after eating chocolate cake) Feel free to play around with this recipe on your own too; let me know how it goes!

I started by cooking up two servings of Tinkyada gluten free elbows. Use whatever noodle you like, the shape really doesn’t matter. While that was cooking, I readied my food processor. Don’t have a food processor? You could use a stand blender or immersion blender.

avocado pasta 007

Into the food processor: two tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, the juice of one lemon,  and two cloves of garlic. Processed on high for around 30 seconds. Then I added in one avocado, pitted and sliced. Processed for about 10 seconds. Then I added in two cups of fresh spinach. Processed for about 30 seconds to a minute (or until creamy) Then I added 1/2 tsp. of salt and processed again for 30 seconds.


Once your noodles are cooked, strain and then back into the pot with your yummy green sauce. Stir well and serve!

avocado pasta 025

I also suggest topping with a bit of lemon zest, and serving immediately!

avocado pasta 035

Creamy, tart, bright with a garlicky finish! This is definitely a recipe that I will continue playing around with. Man, I wish bestie wasn’t allergic to avocados!


Happy Wednesday! I had some strange bug yesterday and was home with nausea for the greater part of the day. ^^This supper really hit the spot last night, and I’m hoping to shake off whatever it was. I’m honestly a little worried it was a sugar coma from the cake…and too much True Blood.