Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Resolutions–Part Two

Ummm…how ‘bout it’s day four in the new year, and I’ve already been checking things off my resolution list! Today I went to the gym (#3), ate a healthier stress food at work (#12 – tbsp. almond butter), and then came home tonight and prepared a new vegetable recipe! (#1 – kale fried rice; I can’t wait to share this one tomorrow)

Not to shabby if I do say so myself….and I do! Winking smile

So let’s delve into the second half, and keep this motivation train running!

Miss my the list of my first six resolutions? Catch up here!

7. Clean the house using a daily routine

Having a dog just makes your house dirtier. Between the mud on their paws and the dander…ugh. Having two dogs…disgusting. And so when I wait the two weeks until I can’t take it anymore (or a month) then it takes an entire day to clean our house properly! Not to mention my sciatica will kill by the time I’m finished. So I’m researching methods of cleaning one room a day each week for 15-20 minutes; it sounds good right?

8. Forgive myself

Toughest resolution ever. From guilt over not working out, to people that I’ve unintentionally hurt in the past, I never forgive myself. It’s like my brain enjoys pulling up these memories and dwelling on them. It’s the worst type of negative talk, because I did actually do things that I’m not proud of, but the past is in the past. And as long as I’m keeping myself in check, and working towards not doing those things anymore, then I need to let past offenses go. I’m not 100% sure how to do this, but I know that I really, really want to!

9. Save $500 personal dollars by December

I want a Canon Rebel. This is the only way I know that I will ever get there. It’s $42 a month. I can do this!

10. Floss Daily

Why is this so hard?

11. Go to the dentist

Necessary, and sorely overdue. I hate going to the dentist. When I had braces, I went to the WORST orthodontist. He always had new assistants, and thus they were always fresh out of school, and somehow couldn’t keep themselves from stabbing and jabbing my gums. I always left with a bleeder, and so now anytime I sit in the dental chair, my entire body tenses up. I even find myself holding my breath. Gas may be needed.

12. Healthier Stress Foods

Yes! I am a stress eater. Long morning of school work followed by a longer day at work? Hand me the french fries. First day off in ten days? Give me chips and dip. I never own up to what I’m doing before and during, but afterwards I am so aware, bringing on the guilt (hello #8) and ultimately those pesky pounds I just can’t drop. You know the ones. They like to hang out where your abs should be.

But it’s proven that comfort foods release feel good chemicals, and how can my body say no to that? Welp, we’re going to find a way. I believe exercise is part of the solution, but finding better, healthier trigger foods is going help too.



Tomorrow, kale fried rice!