Monday, December 5, 2011

Quick Gluten Free Meals from the Freezer

It’s here! My last week of school for my first semester back. Whew! I can’t believe that I have managed this juggling act for almost 5 months! It helps that I have THE BEST husband, no really, he is the best. (Did you miss the story about why I’m back in school? re-re-recap it here!)

This past week was just as crazy as I thought it would be. Friday perfectly captured this time of year for me: At the job at 7am and clocking out at 6:30, only to rush home to read for my history paper due…Wednesday! But it was such a fun day!! Come January, I will be missing these go-go-go days.

Other than coffee, I did have some other new fun things to keep me going last week.

Garden Lites : Zucchini Souffle

I found this at Harris Teeter, but I’ve also seen them at Whole Foods. This little baby was so good, and was my supper at work on Thursday. It’s pretty small but it still filled me up!

Garden Lites: Zucchini Marinara

Again, I bought this at Harris Teeter and it was SO GOOD!!! So good it inspired me to get a veggie spiraler. However, this portion is not a meal; it’s a side dish. Not realizing this I didn’t pack anything else. Luckily I had some hummus in the fridge at work and mixed in 1/4 cup into the dish for added protein, and it completely filled me up. The marinara sauce in this dish is SO flavorful!

Kettle Cuisine: Grilled Chicken and Corn Chowder

Holy Moly. This is my new favorite! Creamy, spicy, and 13 grams of protein! Yum.


What are your favorite QUICK gluten free meals? I always have the best of intentions with making a quinoa mess, but then don’t wake up with enough time to even cook for 30 minutes!