Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Gluten Free Lunch


This time of year at work, I’m lucky if I get to sit down. And taking a lunch “break” doesn’t usually happen, but yesterday the stars aligned!

quick lunch 010

Around 4:15, we had enough volunteer coverage that I was able to sit down and take an actual lunch lupper break. And since we’re a super fancy non-profit, I even had a custom made table!

Winking smile

quick lunch 011

Tasty Bite Madras Lentils (aka the best darn chili in the world), celery, and buffalo dip (Greek Yogurt with Moore’s hot sauce – inspired by buffalo blue cheese dip)

quick lunch 012

A quick lunch that hits the spot!

ALSO I am IN LOVE with my Nook! Parrish surprised me with the Nook when I found out that I had such a high A(++) in my Spanish for Educators class that I didn’t have to take the final! I had been so busy with school work, that I just now was able to buy a book and enjoy it.

My first book I’m reading on the Nook? TOTAL guilty pleasure page turner…Twilight…don’t judge! I’ve been reading 50-85 pages a week on American History, I needed something light!