Monday, December 19, 2011

Pillsbury Who? Gluten Free Crescent Rolls

Let me tell you what really just…irks me.

Yep. That stinkin’ cute, always smiling, never aging, Pillsbury Dough Boy. I know you’re thinking “How in the world could a cute little dough boy piss you off?” But here’s the thing.

He does.

This time of year, he’s everywhere! Commercials, store displays, buffets at parties. He wraps up little smokies, bakes tons of Christmas cookies, and the pies…oh the pies. There are a ton of pies.

But it’s the crescent rolls that make me the most angry. So fluffy and easy to make…

and FULL of gluten.

It’s actually the gluten that makes them light as air and fluffy. That same gluten that my body thinks is poison, is what makes those little rolls so yummy!

Stupid gluten.

And yes, it’s pretty out of character for me to let some food I can’t have bother me, but there is NO gluten free substitute for crescent rolls out on the market! Not a one. So when I see a platter of pigs in a blanket, it makes me a little sad…and then a little bit angry.

But let’s be honest. Pigs in a blanket are not that good…right? No. They’re nostalgic. They’re cozy. But they’re not a culinary sensation.

Still. This year. This year will be my year to make a gluten free pig in a blanket. And they will be awesome!!

I’m going to use this recipe I’ve used before, and cross my fingers.


What about you? Is there a nostalgic recipe that you would like to or have recreated gluten free?