Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Letter to My Husband


Dear P,

When you and I were dating, I tried to balance school, work, and…you. Even before meeting you, I always struggled to balance school and my personal life. I was quick to put school aside for pretty much anything.

And then after the shooting, going back to school seemed impossible. The thoughts of the classroom would send me into a panic attack. School had always been an obstacle; now it felt like a road block.

But you supported me. Loved me. And nurtured me and my career. Years passed, and my unfinished degree sat on the back burner, occasionally boiling over and leaving me with a feeling of regret. It still seemed like I would never be able to go back.

We married. We moved. You continued to love, support, and nurture me. I felt balanced and happy; I felt ready to face my fears and go back to school.

You told me I could do it. You bought me a laptop so that I could take classes and work. You helped me buy books. We figured it out and this fall, I started school.

Five years have passed since that last semester, and today, I received my grades from my first semester back. This daunting schedule that at times I had no idea how I was going to do it.


with your help. Your love. Your support.

Your thoughtfulness. Your consideration, I made it.

When I received my grades, I knew that these marks were not just my own. I didn’t earn the grades solely because I worked my butt off. I didn’t earn the grades solely from dedicating myself to school and putting my own entertainment and social life on hold.

I earned STRAIGHT A’s this semester, in part, because of you.

You made this happen for me, and I am so incredibly thankful…for you.

I love you!




Thanks for indulging me! Obviously I am STOKED about my grades!! So stinkin’ excited, but I had to thank my hubby!

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