Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let’s Play Desert Island


…not to be confused with Dessert Island (which would be awesome!!)

I was watching an episode of The Office last night before bed (Ryan starts an office fire with the toaster) and they played Desert Island. Which inevitably got my brain thinking, what would I take in each category. Which also got me thinking: What would you take?!

So let’s play Desert Island! Leave your answers in the comments and then I’ll update the post!

So here’s how it works. You’re on a Desert Island, but you can assume that it’s a deserted resort island, because there’s electricity. No I am not roughing it in my daydreams. So your choices have to be your absolute ultimate favorites, because they’re all your going to have.

Desert Island: What would you bring?


1. You’ve Got Mail (this movie is my happy place)

2. Talladega Nights (Gotta have comic relief)

3. Harry Potter Box Set (Cheating…maybe a little)

4. It’s Complicated

5. The Matrix Box Set (This is not for me, but I’m assuming Parrish will be with me!)



1. i-phone

2. nook

3. i-pad (for Parrish)

4. lap top (for blogging obvi)

5. Garmin forerunner (a desert island would be perfect for training!)



1. Udi’s Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread

2. Annie Chun’s Mai Fun Noodles

3. Luna Protein Bars

4. Chocolate Chex

5. Gluten Free Kinnikinnick Waffle and Pancake Mix



1. Max & Hazel!! (They would love to live on a desert island!)

2. black leggings and my oversized gray chenille sweater (the ultimate in comfort)

3. a big ol’ stack of magazines

4. Coffee

5. deck of cards