Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bella Monica Gluten Free Pizzas


migraine 004       migraine 002

migraine 001

Hazel has been opening my Christmas gifts!! My sneaky baby girl is interested in that gift! Must be a bacon or peanut butter flavored something…


Happy Hump Day!

I was so happy when I woke up this morning and my migraine was gone! I had a headache for most of the afternoon yesterday, but pushed through because I had a lot to do. My book club holiday meeting was last night, and so I went to the gym before, thinking those endorphins would knock it out.

Gym + Headache = Migraine

Who knew! Thankfully I was able to drive myself home, but it was terrible. I HATE driving with a headache.

Once home, I decided to eat, hoping that would help. On the menu, a new find at my local Harris Teeter:

photo (18)

Bella Monica’s delicious gluten pizza now in a smaller size! For reference:

migraine 015

teeny. But at 380 calories, paired with a salad it’s the perfect meal! PLUS the smaller size means a lesser price, $6.99 each.

migraine 027

YUM! This little pizza is SO GOOD! The crust is insane! Doughy, buttery, crispy.

And while it didn’t make my migraine go away, I still enjoyed it immensely.

Even better: this pizza is locally made in Raleigh, NC! ALSO they have a restaurant! I can’t believe I haven’t gone yet?!