Tuesday, November 15, 2011

…you write a gluten free blog.

I’m so glad you guys are enjoying the gluten free travel tips and the “you know you’re gluten free if…” post. I am loving the comments on that last post so much, that I just had to update!

To see the first list, click here.

From the comments:

You know you’re gluten free if….

...if they change their gloves when you walk in the door of Chipotle. I think that also means you have a Chipotle problem....LOL! (From Kim – gluten free is life)

…Yum, Chipotle...
You might also have a Chipotle problem if you go through the line and they call you "1 Crispy Chicken Taco Girl" (from Amanda)

…you don't go on vacation until you have located every Whole Foods en route. (from Becky)

... you always bring your lunch to work.
... you know every grocery store within a 5 mile radius that has a "whole foods" section.
... you get excited about cookies made with wild rice. (all from Jenny – Eating Our Hearts Out)

...your friends know that you'll be bringing some type of food to the get-together...and it's usually yummy enough that they forget it's gluten free! (from mamabeck)

... you have your own "section" at your family's holiday buffet! (from katie kathleen – Wait, and Accumulate)

…you have friends who never invite you over because they are scared of not having the right food. Instead, they just insist they like your house better...lol! (from Jennifer H)

...if you have a ready-to-go stash of food to put in your purse and bring to parties, just in case there's nothing for you to eat. (from Susanne – Stationary Runner)

and I'm adding:

…if you write a gluten free blog.

…if the smell of fresh pizza makes you little bit angry.

…if you can’t eat a buffet.