Friday, November 11, 2011

So you say you’re gluten free…


You know you’re gluten free if…..

you have to do dishes every single night because you always cook at home.

P.F.Chang’s is a line item in your budget.

you have an entire shelf in your pantry for all your flour mixes

you always have a food bar in your purse or pocket.

you know who Bob is.

you can speed read ingredients lists.

you feel an intense love for Udi’s.

you haven’t eaten fast food…since you went gluten free.

you treat yourself to a super expensive gluten free cookie.


What would you add to the list?

Happy Veterans Day and 11-11-11; I’ll be celebrating both all day at work! Here’s how Max and Hazel will celebrate:

photo (12)

First: naps. Naps are absolutely necessary, and they will take a few today. Hazel prefers napping in her kennel, even when she doesn’t have to.

Then treats!

photo (13)

One is never enough! Winking smile


Keep leaving me your gluten free travel tips in the comments section HERE! The post will go live on Monday, and I’d love your advice!