Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fast Gluten Free Lunch

Remember when I said I needed quick and easy suppers this week? Well lunches need to be fast too!

A few weeks ago, Kettle Cuisine sent me some of their frozen soups to review and give them feedback on. Surprise, I loved all of them! Then I found them on sale at Whole Foods, so I stocked up!

oatmeal 005

Fast! Easy! Yummy! The broth was flavorful and the chicken was great! No nasty chicken bits in my entire bowl.

And with only 140 calories, with a side of Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips, it was a great lunch! Filled me up without weighing me down!

Have you guys tried any of these soups?

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Love their soups! My favorite is clam chowder! Hard to find a gluten free clam chowder...