Friday, November 18, 2011

My First Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming!!!

Are you getting excited?! I am!

I can remember my first gluten free Thanksgiving; I was nervous. All I could think about was what I couldn’t have. Stuffing- nada. Pie-nope. Gravy-uh uh.

But I was wrong! And I wasn’t going to have to eat an “alternative” meal. It wasn’t going to be popcorn and ice cream…

or slices of gluten free bread.

(But didn’t that toast look delicious?! I can remember craving toast and jelly beans after watching Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving!)

My first gluten free Thanksgiving was classic:

It was a giant turkey I baked myself! Gluten Free Stuffing with brie! Fried Cranberry (it was a Paula Deen moment – I don’t recommend it) Asparagus Popover – highly recommend! Pumpkin Cake.

So let’s relive my first gluten free Thanksgiving HERE. Also, let’s talk about how tiny our stove was in our old rental, how terrible my pictures were, and what a baby face I had?!

Not cooking your Thanksgiving meal? Monday’s post is going to be all about being a gluten free guest, but still enjoying your Thanksgiving meal! Have input? Leave it in the comments!