Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend…What Weekend?

Man. That weekend flew by!

I woke up on Friday only to realize that even two cups of coffee are not enough to make these puffy eyes go away.

photo (7)

Fall allergies are here in full effect!

On Saturday we spent the better part of the day cheering on my Tigers!

photo (4)

and getting glutened by our waitress.*

*more on this another day

After the game I realized that all my hopes for enjoying the fall weather and spending time with my family were going to be thwarted…

photo (3)

by the 250 page book I have to read and write a paper on by Wednesday. Oh Little Crow…

But there were highlights from my isolation, with my snuggly babies

photo (6)

who are actually more of a cute distraction than a happy helper.

Another distraction came on Sunday after I went in to work for a few hours:

photo (5)

Umm yeah. Gluten Free bagel chips spotted at Earth Fare and made possible by the $5 spot in my wallet. And yes, they are delicious. I see Chex Mix in my near future…like tomorrow!

So while I work today and finish this book…and paper…tomorrow, make pizza puffs. Take them fresh from the oven and dip them in sweet, spicy tomato sauce. And then we can talk about some Chex Mix.