Monday, October 17, 2011

An Unexpected Gluten Free Meal–Panera Bread

What a weekend!

Miss Ella Kate (aka Lil’ Gluten Loves Me) turned three on Saturday, and I couldn’t wait to see the birthday girl! But first – FUEL.

photo (1)

I had an early breakfast of yogurt and a banana but my hubby (who rarely gets to eat gluten) made a pit stop at the ‘Jangle and I enjoyed an unsweet tea!

We met up with the birthday girl just in time for lunch,

ella week 009

and I enjoyed a new spot for a gluten free meal:

ella week 008

NEVER would I have thought that I could get a gluten free meal at Panera BREAD, but using this handy guide on Gluten Free is Life here, I ordered with ease.

ella week 004

Tomato Soup with NO croutons,

ella week 005

a café salad with vinaigrette and an apple.

ella week 006

I did still let the cashier know that I was gluten free, and just to alert the kitchen. And while they can’t guarantee against cross contamination, I felt completely comfortable eating there.


ella week 012

A pumpkin spice latte for dessert that puts Starbucks to shame. (Especially since Panera goes to the “trouble” to let you know that the ingredients in their version of the fall classic are actually gluten free)

And then it was back to my bestie’s house for a fun afternoon with Ella, who is such a big girl now.

photo (2)

She’s all grown up at the age of three.


I hope you guys had a great weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow to share a new recipe that is SURE to be an instant hit at your house:

ella week 019

And it’s not just about the bloomin’ onion dip!