Friday, October 7, 2011

In the Weeds

Somewhere in my brain when I thought about going back to school this fall and keeping my full time job, I was thinking “ I can have it all!”


It has been SO tough balancing work and school. My DVR is full and my Google Reader…


Eeep! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten it into the 200’s before!

I am feeling a bit stretched, but luckily I’m not feeling too overwhelmed. Maybe I’m just in mourning for my old schedule with all that free time I had!

And it doesn’t help that I’m smack dab in the middle of working twelve days with no day off….

But life is what it is. On the other hand, I’m THANKFUL.

Thankful that I have the opportunity to go back to school. Thankful that I have a full time job. Thankful that I have a supportive husband who helps me succeed.

And thankful for sugar dumplins:

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My bestie sister really is my biggest cheerleader. She always makes sure that there is something I can eat, whether it’s a holiday meal or a quick lunch. She’s always been super thoughtful. So it was no surprise when my bestie whipped up a special breakfast this past Saturday…a breakfast that I just can’t stop thinking about!

ella 2 017

Praline Biscuits…minus the pralines..and the gluten. Let’s called them Sugar Dumplins’

ella 2 022

This magazine clipping is over 20 years old! My sister snagged it from my Mom, and has made them twice: once with gluten and then gluten free. Just switch out the Bisquick with gluten free Bisquick and you’re good to go!

ella 2 020

The dough soaks up the melted butter with cinnamon and sugar while it bakes. The center is doughy and moist, while to outside is crystalized and sweet.