Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gluten and Beer

So let’s talk about how I got glutened on Saturday. And yes Windows Live Writer, glutened is a word; maybe if you were gluten free then you would understand!

Saturday we went to a restaurant I’ve been to once before: Tobacco Road, to watch the Clemson vs UNC game. It’s a perfect spot for game watching if you’re ever in Durham. They have a billion TV’s and they keep the sound up!

Since they have Ace Pear Cider on tap, I ordered a glass and Parrish ordered some sort of beer. Here’s where it gets tricky.

glutened 018

Which would you think is the cider?!

Other than thinking that one in front of you is the cider…I really thought the bubbles were very cider-y.

So I took a..

glutened 019

and yeah…

glutened 020

it was a beer. One GIANT swig and I knew. I literally almost spit it out.

Geez Louise! I was so mad. Gluten me from a fresh baguette…a platter of mozzarella sticks…a Hardee’s butter biscuit. But a swig of beer – NOT WORTH IT.

What was interesting though, is that I did not experience my typical symptoms of bloating and bathroom fireworks.

glutened 023

Very different! Except for one symptom…

glutened 025

but I promise it didn’t last too long! Winking smile

The nausea was the worst! I felt close to throwing up nearly all night, and the fatigue lasted for two days. Ugh.

Getting glutened sucks.