Monday, September 19, 2011

Thank You

That’s really all I can say. Thank you so much for being the most wonderful readers and friends. Between comments, emails, and chats, your kind words filled me up and reminded me that we’re all connected through our faith and love. It was a hard post to write, but that’s the great part about blogging, it helps you process things with the help of others.

You know what else helps? Knowing that you have a yummy gluten free breakfast that you can eat in the hotel!

Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeal is DELICIOUS! Followed up with a protein shake on the side, this breakfast really fueled me for Saturday.

Needless to say, Parrish’s surprise for our anniversary yesterday and his birthday this week, had to be revealed sooner than I wanted. But that doesn’t really matter.

So after a whirlwind trip to SC…

(name that peach)

we’re at the beach. We were able to celebrate our wedding anniversary yesterday with family, just the way we wanted. And now we’re celebrating Parrish’s birthday for the full week.

He’s pretty special.