Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Odds, Ends, and a Winner

I first want to give credit to Erin of Gluten Free Fun for that awesome ‘Ask Me About Gluten” button that I used in the post yesterday. Naughty, naughty, I forgot to go back and do all of  my links!

ALSO, she totally sells them in her shop, along with some pretty stinkin’ cute t-shirts. But seriously, I want one of those buttons!


Moving on to the comments on yesterday’s post.

Red heartWOWRed heart

I have been absolutely LOVING reading all of your diagnosis stories, and what being gluten free means to you! If you haven’t read through them, I highly suggest clicking over and checking them out! Who knew we were all so different, and still so similar?!


BIG thanks to Luna for sending me a package Gluten Free Luna Protein Bars to celebrate National Celiac Awareness Day! The Chocolate Cherry is good, but Peanut Butter is still my favorite!


In TWO days I will be whisking Parrish away for an entire week to….


It’s a surprise! Although he thinks London….


Yep. He has no idea!

I have kept this secret since March…and I’ve wanted to tell him so many times! I’ll be blogging all next week (thank you fancy mobile hot spot so I can do school work) but I plan to put up a post Saturday morning to spill the beans to you guys!

I AM SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED. I just can’t stand it!



And speaking of spilling the beans, the TWO winners of the Rudi’s bread giveaway have been posted! Click here to see if it’s you!

I’m off to attempt to make thin, fried onion strings. Fingers crossed!