Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let’s Celebrate with a GIVEAWAY!!


Happy National Celiac Awareness Day!!

Honestly, I love this day. My diagnosis completely changed my life (for the better) and I love any chance I can get to talk about the disease!

So in honor of Celiac Awareness, I’m starting a new series that I’ll post from time to time called: It is not and It is

Celiac Disease IS NOT:

  • a fad diet
  • a low carb diet
  • a food allergy
  • something to take lightly
  • free food as this waitress suggested
  • a death sentence
  • cure-able
  • the ability to see through walls

Celiac Disease IS:

  • an auto-immune disease
  • treat-able with a gluten free diet (the only treatment friends)
  • different for everyone. Some go to the bathroom too much (me); others not enough
  • a serious diagnosis
  • a game-changer
  • becoming more recognized
  • tens time more live-able because of Udi’s gluten free bread and other awesome companies who give us AMAZING GF options
  • an opportunity to get in better touch with your body
  • one of those diseases that can be hereditary


For me personally, my diagnosis was the BEST news I’ve received. I had been sick for so long, and my health was suffering. Even my gluten free lifestyle has really been a blessing. I no longer feel tempted by unhealthy fast food, Krispy Kreme, or fried chicken.

So to celebrate a National Day to talk about my disease, Gluten Hates Me is hosting a giveaway sponsored by Rudi’s Breads! Rudi’s is one of those awesome companies who saw the needs of their customers, and created a line of gluten free bread.

And for this giveaway, we’ll have TWO winners!


two Rudi’s Gluten-Free FREE Loaf Coupons and two Rudi’s sandwich boxes

sponsored by Rudi’s!


How to win: leave me a comment or send me an email answering one of the following questions:

What about you? What did your diagnosis mean? How long have you been diagnosed?

Want more chances to win?

Tweet it, Facebook it, Blog about it – and comment back telling me you did so!

That’s FOUR chances to win, and since we’ll be choosing TWO winners, you’re dealing with great odds!

The winner will be chosen Wednesday night at 6pm. So enter fast!


And the winners are:

#4: Michele who said:

I was just diagnosed 6 weeks ago, and already my life is so much better. I'd been sick with what seemed like random symptoms for months, the worst being terrible depression and paranoia. My poor husband (We've only been married 7 months!) didn't know how to act around me. I spent days in bed feeling awful and useless. Finally we both feel like we can DO something about it. Within a couple weeks, I could feel myself coming back. I feel like this has been the gift of feeling hopeful and like me again! I was already allergic to dairy, so this didn't feel like such a big change for us (he's declared the house a gluten-free zone, so I don't even have to worry about him tempting me with things evil). Who needs Chinese take-out from the corner shop (what I miss most) when I can feel like me?


#18: Suzanne

I was diagnosed in 1985 after many years of yuck stomach and itchy, rashy skin. the diagnosis restored my health and gave me a new quality of life. I could not remember a day without a stomach ache which I attempted to soothe with of all things, bread! In 1985 hardly anyone knew about Celiac's. There were no products in stores and Bob's Red Mill was the only mail order catalogue that carried rice and potato flour. As a result I learned to live without things made with flour until I found Betty Hagman's cookbook. It has been a true delight to see Celiac's Disease come into its own. Folks getting diagnosed now have so many good products to choose from. I count my diagnosis a blessing that forces me to make healthier choices about my diet.

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