Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It was a Monday kind of Sunday


While most folks were enjoying an extended weekend of vacation, I was work, work, working. I was at One World Market all day on Saturday, and boy were we busy! And then I woke up on Sunday morning to do school work:

But I was hittin’ the books super early because I knew that I wanted to have fun with Parrish in the afternoon. All work and no play makes Marlow a grumpy pants!

AND we had so much fun! It was a gorgeous day on Sunday, so we treated it like our Monday off since we were both working yesterday. First we went and bought a tire. Not super fun, but definitely overdue!

Then we went crazy. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I do know that I was the instigator.

weekend 016

We went and bought iphones!

Parrish and I were both eligible for upgrades, and I even had a $50 loyalty credit. We had been unhappy with our Blackberry Storms for a while now, and so we took the plunge.

After our purchases, we decided to spend the afternoon in the sunshine at

weekend 002

Geer St. Garden, a new restaurant in downtown Durham.

I’ll admit that it was hard to not be the jerks on their phones…

weekend 003weekend 004

but once we got some things to nibble on, we were able to disconnect from our phones and connect with each other…

weekend 005

and a lovely glass of wine!

Since we were Early Birdin’ it, we just ordered two appetizers to share. A basket of their garlic fries

weekend 009

with homemade ketchup, garlic aioli, and srirachanaise. SO GOOD. SO NAUGHTY.

But the best was the meat and cheese board!

weekend 011

with bread on the side for Parrish. Does the cheese board remind you anything? Maybe…this?!

weekend 007

Meat, local cheeses, and pickled things from the Durham Farmer’s Market…I could eat it all day!

weekend 006

So simple and so good! Geer St. Garden is simply lovely!

To complete the evening, we came back home and played with our phones puppies.

handsome boy

Max is such a handsome boy! Is it just me, or is he smiling?!

GHM facebook friends have already given me some suggestions, but I could use more!

What apps for the iphone do you love?