Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I got glutened & yes spell check, that is a word



Getting ‘glutened’ is the worst. Getting glutened while at work and you can’t excuse yourself to go home…double worst.

Yesterday I unknowingly ate gluten. It was actually in my lunch packed from home. It seems that a local restaurant has changed the recipe of their queso, and it’s no longer safe for me to eat. But there it was in my enchiladas and I had no idea.

This was the worst ‘glutening’ I’ve had in a long time! I know it all depends on where you are in your ‘cycle of healing’ from the last time you were glutened but man alive, this was bad.

Within 30 minutes of eating, I felt a migraine coming and my stomach was blowing up like a balloon. I went from normal to almost 6 months pregnant in under an hour! My skin was tight, my belly was hard, it was the pits. Nausea. Nausea. Nausea.

But I couldn’t leave work! So I did my best to push through, even after one of our customers asked my boss if I was pregnant.

Yep. She thought my ‘gluten bloat’ was a baby… Which honestly, I bet she was confused. I had just seen her last week and all of a sudden “I’m showing!”

But I kept pushing through, and in about an hour the Excedrin migraine kicked in for my headache. And then I remembered a comment on a past post about how Sprite was this person’s special remedy when she got glutened. So I waddled over to the drink machine and thankfully they had Sprite.


And you know what. it worked…to an extent. My bloating did go down a little, but most importantly, it kicked nauseas butt!

The rest of the afternoon I slowly sipped my Sprite, and then I came home and went to bed. No supper. I find that usually if I skip a meal I can get my tummy back on track easier. Of course, I’m drinking coffee while I write this post, and that’s not going to help, but that’s a necessary evil!

BOO! Gluten sucks. And I seriously want to call up the dictionary folks and let them know that yes ‘glutened’ is a word. As is glutening. Right?!

But don’t worry. I’ll be back to normal positive self by tomorrow, and I’ll be back with a recipe for healthy baked ziti that you’re going to love!