Monday, September 5, 2011

Gluten Hates Me–Flashbacks in 7 Links


Happy Labor Day friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I spent mine..well…laboring – at work and for school. There was a bit of fun on Sunday, which I’ll recap for you tomorrow, but I’m back to work again today. I hope most of you are enjoying a relaxing day with your friends and family.

Today’s post is a little out of the ordinary. Jeanine over at The Baking Beauties tagged me in the ‘7 links Assignment’, which you may have already seen in the blog world. I love posts like this that send you pouring over your past entries. I’ve been blogging for three years now, and honey, that’s a lot of content!

Without further ado, let’s start with the best:

Most Popular Post

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: My First Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Taking it back OLD SCHOOL to my very first gluten free Thanksgiving! This was a Foodbuzz sponsored post, where I created an entire Thanksgiving Day meal – gluten free! I had just been diagnosed that summer, so it was a pretty daunting task. I’m glad that post has the most hits, because it was a big undertaking! From the stuffing to the bird, that was a long day! I mean hello, cranberry fritters!

Post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

bestie sister 025

Guest Post: Bread Basics

While my auntie’s post has gotten around 5,000 page views, it’s not nearly as many as I thought it should get. In her guest post, she compares the nutritional content of all the different gluten free breads! Maybe I need to link this post in the Gluten Free Basics tab.

Post who’s success surprised you

tomato harvest_crustwithtomatoes

Who needs pizza crust…

The popularity of this post astonishes me! I mean, don’t get me wrong, the potato pizza crust is YUMMY recipe, but this is my second most viewed post! Who knew we all loved pizza so much?

Most Helpful


Not actually a post, but my About Me page under the tab Marlow in the header. I get the most emails from my about me page. I think knowing everyone’s individual gluten story is interesting; we’re all so different. But at the same time, we also share a lot of similarities. The most common subject of reader emails: I’m starving!

Most Controversial

I don’t actually spur a ton of controversy on my blog, but I would say that the Most Controversial would have to be my letter to Whole Foods. And Starbucks is getting ready to get one of their own.

Post you’re most proud of

portion control labeled

Hands down my Balancing My Weight Gluten Free posts!

Balancing My Weight Gluten Free–Young Years
Balancing My Weight Gluten Free–Trifecta of Trouble
Balancing My Weight Gluten Free–Treats

Balancing My Weight Gluten Free – Portion Control

Balancing My Weight Gluten Free – Emotional Eating Confession

I had wanted to write these posts for over a year, and I look forward to many more to come! Gluten Free weight loss and maintenance is tough! And different than the route of a gluten-eating person.

Most Beautiful


I Love Chemicals

My confession post about Diet Coke may not the prettiest post, but I find the honesty we all had with each other beautiful. I will say that I no longer buy Diet Coke, keep it in the house, or order it at restaurants. But if it’s offered to me at a party or something, I may partake occasionally….

Now the fun part! I get to tag seven other gluten free bloggers, to do this same activity!

You know you love me Winking smile

Jill from Hey, that tastes good

Allie from Sorry, I can’t eat that

Katie from Wait, and Accumulate (my life doppleganger!)

Camper from think outside the breadbox

Trishtator from Gluten Free in SLC

Farty Girl!

Pam from I’m a Celiac


Writing this list made me realize that I haven’t updated my blogs I love sans gluten list in a long time! Must do that this week!