Monday, September 12, 2011

BEST gluten free waffles…ever!


How in the world have I been gluten free for over three years and never tried this pancake & waffle mix?!

waffles 057

Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix

Provided to me by the company for feedback, I was excited to give it a try! PLUS I was off this past weekend (first time in a month) and a leisurely breakfast was just what I needed.

waffles 058

I could tell as soon as I whipped up the batter, that these were going to be great waffles. The batter had a nice, sweet smell and it was the perfect consistency!

waffles 061

The flavor was so yummy, that I barely needed the syrup dipper! The texture was perfect, with lots of crispy nooks and crannies. They weren’t mealy, thick, or dense.

waffles 065

Hands down, best gluten free waffles to date! Definitely adding these to the product review page!

And on the back of the box it says that you can make crepes! Anyone ever had experience doing that?

I really want to make that next week for Parrish’s big birthday surprise, but I’m not quite sure what to fill them with?!


Happy Monday! I’m off to the gym for a quick session on the Arc Trainer and then work, work, work. Hope you have a great day!