Thursday, August 4, 2011

YUMMY Gluten Free Snack


Do you know the kettle corn song?

“Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, kettle corn in my tummy and I really love it to!”

kettle corn 003

That’s how good this kettle corn is. It will make you burst in to song Winking smile

Old Mill Kettle Corn is da’ bomb. (Yes, I went there) And at only 140 calories in 2 1/2 cups, it made for a great afternoon snack yesterday!

kettle corn 008

And yes. I did measure out my serving. Otherwise, I would have eaten that whole dang bag! Crunchy, buttery sweet with a dash of CINNAMON – YUM!

I really am on a cinnamon kick lately!

And yes. I was a smart cookie and left the kettle corn at work! Last night while I was icing my shin and sipping some vino, I kept thinking about that sweet crunch!

kettle corn 010

I would say that I have the WORST will power at night after supper. I can very easily become a snack monster. Even the healthy stuff is no good if you over eat it!

Now I’m just hoping I can exercise some restraint on my drive to Charlotte this afternoon…eep!