Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pear and Gouda GF Grilled Cheese


Every Sunday morning, I sit down with a GIANT cup of coffee and make our menu for the upcoming week. Checking my coupons, current sales, and our home inventory, I try to stay in our budget ($80 a week) but also change it up.

This week at Harris Teeter, Bartlett Pears were in the Save Big category, and so I  planned a pear sandwich. I hadn’t ever tried this combo before, but with cheese and bacon…how bad could it be?

The ingredients:

pear sammie 021

Udi’s Whole Grain GF bread, bartlett pears sliced thin, white onion sliced thin, smoked gouda cheese, bacon, and jalapeno jelly from my auntie:

pear sammie 024

but you could use any mild red pepper jelly…or beg my auntie to send you a jar. This stuff is the jam!

Make your sandwich!


pear sammie 029

2.Pepper Jelly

pear sammie 031

3. Smoked Gouda

pear sammie 032

4. White Onion

pear sammie 033

5. Bartlett Pears

pear sammie 034

6. Bacon! (I use Boar’s Head – gluten free)

pear sammie 035

7. Another slice of smoked gouda

pear sammie 036

8. Quick swipe of pepper jelly on your top slice of bread

pear sammie 037

and you’re ready to press!

I don’t have a panini press, so I just use my George Foreman that I have literally had for…TEN YEARS!! My parents bought it for me my freshman year of college, and I made MANY a late night grilled cheese on that baby!

pear sammie 056

YUM! Pear and Gouda Grilled Cheese with Kale Chips on the side.

pear sammie 043

Pears belong on sandwiches! This sammie was smoky, sweet, crunchy…DELICIOUS!

pear sammie 050

Satisfying supper enjoyed on my salad plate Winking smile

I even put the left over pear on my turkey sandwich for lunch!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! It’s a marathon work week, and 1/8 of the way through! But I’ll be back tomorrow with a breakfast that I am IN LOVE with..here’s a hint: