Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life’s a Peach–Gluten Free Oatmeal


Thank you guys so much for you sweet comments and emails after yesterdays post! It was so nice throughout the day to get a little “beep” on my cell phone and have it be encouraging words! It really made my day yesterday!

Wanna know what else made my day yesterday?

nachos 022

These oats!

nachos 012

A base of creamy gluten free oatmeal: 1/3 cup Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oats, 1/3 cup skim milk, 1/3 cup water, 1/2 tbsp. chia powder. The key to getting the pillowy texture – start whipping the oats when your pot starts to bubble.

nachos 007

The topping: Crustless Peach Pie minus the ice cream of course!

nachos 004

I also added in some crushed walnuts for crunch! So good! And it kept me full until…almost 1pm?!


Gluten Free Jesus Freak has a great post about what labels do NOT equal gluten free

Gluten-free is Life posted a review of Green’s Tripel Blonde Ale – I can’t wait to try it!