Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sour Cream & Onion Dip – Gluten Free Yo!


You need to make this dip.

I usually don’t like to be so forceful about my recipes. I typically figure: to each their own; maybe you’ll try it.

But screw that! You need to make this dip.

potato pan 024

One cup of Greek yogurt, 3 tbsp. minced dill, 3 tbsp. minced chives, and the juice of one lemon –> Whip it up!

You could even use half yogurt/half sour cream if you wanted it to be super creamy. I just wanted to save my calories for a glass of wine. PLUS Greek yogurt tastes just like sour cream to me; Parrish would like to go on record to say that he disagrees and still loves sour cream.

Back to the dip!

Serve on top of scalloped potatoes. And then write me a love note because this dip straight tastes like sour cream and onion chips!

And since you can’t eat potatoes alone for supper (or can you?) I suggest you also try these little babies that I picked up at Harris Teeter this past weekend:

potato pan 011

al fresco chicken sausage – delicious

In fact, this meal was so good, that my picture came out blurry:

potato pan 023

and I didn’t even care!! And I took the picture before my broccoli was finished and I didn’t even care! One taste of the dip and I was in fast forward. I couldn’t wait to sit down and mangiare…

Yeah. Since Parrish is Italian, I’m slowly but surely learning the language. And yes. Eat is the first word I looked up. Don’t hate. Mangiare this dip ya’ll!

Hmmm. Do you think there is a term for ya’ll in Italian? Research needed.