Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So Fresh and So Cool


Every Sunday Parrish and I sit down and make our weekly menu. I learned a long time ago that making a menu works for us. When I’m hungry…well…let’s just say, I may put on some grumpy pants.

But it’s still ballz hot here in NC, so much like my recipes for this past weekend, our menu this week had a theme: Cooling. After spending all day in the heat, I wanted our meals to offer some relief. (And the A/C doesn’t hurt either!)

Last night’s sandwich did not fail to impress:

fresh 050

Lime Kissed Grilled Chicken Sandwich with a Cool Mint Yogurt

And as fancy as it may sound, it was actually pretty easy to make!

fresh 041

Bottom to top: Udi’s Whole Grain bun, THIN sliced mozzarella cheese, spinach, chicken marinated in Goya Mojo Criollo and then grilled, fresh tomato, caramelized vidalia onion, and 0% fat mint spiked Fage Greek Yogurt

fresh 034

To make the yogurt, I simply mixed 1 cup Greek Yogurt with 1 tbsp. lime zest, juice from one lime, 3 tbsp. minced fresh mint

Easy Peasy.

fresh 038


And I don’t really need to continue to declare my love for the Udi’s Whole Grain bun do I?

fresh 032

Well, I’m going to anyway! I love love love it! This bun is the bomb. Gluten is SO 2008.

The only thing not cool about last night: Choosing to watch The Road for a romantic night in. UGH! Most depressing movie ever. Not much romantic about cannibalism. I’m just sayin’.


I am loving your comments on the newest Balancing My Weight post, and REALLY enjoying your emails! Sharing each other’s stories is the main reason I LOVE writing this blog. It’s so nice to connect!