Friday, July 15, 2011

Recipes for the Weekend–Welcome Home Edition


I was talking to bestie on the phone yesterday and we both agreed – the best part about being home is cookin’ in your kitchen!

The West Coast was fun but all those restaurants ain’t got nothing on me!

Well…Fresh Brothers may be close Winking smile

So it got me thinking about recipes for the weekend. I’m hoping that in between Harry Potter marathons, I can talk Parrish in to a picnic…in our living room…because it is BLAZING hot here. Maybe I can sway him if I show him the menu:

Barbe-cutie Gluten Free Pasta Salad

bbq 007

Gluten Free Remy Chicken Salad

remy salad 005

Crustless Gluten Free Peach Pie

peach with table


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