Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Little Kitchen Helper


This past weekend I woke up early on Saturday and felt inspired. Inspired to go to Target…

What? You don’t wake up early and go shopping? Target is WAY better around 8:00 in the morning. There are WAY less people crowded in there, and you get the good sizes in the clothing department.

We buy most of our groceries at Harris Teeter (and a tiny amount at Whole Foods) but I do like to scan the groceries at Target. Sometimes they get new products first. So when I saw:

asian helper 035

Gluten Free Hamburger Helper – Asian Chicken Helper…

I couldn’t resist! Well, honestly…I almost put it right back on the shelf when I looked at the ingredients:

asian helper 036

White rice, artificial flavor, yellows, MSG!!!!!

But I decided to try it once, for you guys. I feel as a blogger, it’s sort of my duty to try new products and tell you if they’re worth the purchase. PLUS I do like to support companies when they take strides to make gluten free products.

So in the cart it went, along with dog bones, new running shorts, and a few clearance pillows.

When I was planning the menu for the week, I gave Asian Helper the ‘Easy Monday Supper’ slot and made sure to pick up some bok choy at the Teeter to accompany. I highly suggest making a veggie side with this meal.

To prepare the Asian Helper, I simply followed the directions on the box. Easy Peasy!

asian helper 033

As far as servings go, I would say that if you make a veggie side, you could get three servings out of this. The directions call for 1 pound of chicken, and I only had .90 pounds BUT it’s still pretty small. And even though the box says there are five servings…I didn’t see five servings.

asian helper 016

The bok choy was delicious! I simply chopped the choy in to small bites and sautéed with one minced shallot, one tbsp. oil, and one tbsp. GF tamari.

asian helper 020

I seriously love bok choy. Especially baby bok choy. It’s so tender and not the least bit bitter.

asian helper 023

The helper had good flavor…probably highlighted by the MSG…but it was yummy. I liked the egg, but the best part was:

asian helper 027

the chicken! Juicy, tender, and full of “asian-y” flavor.

Aren’t these chopsticks cute?! They were a gift from MOH and I love them! Cute little owls:

asian helper 024

I know a blogger who would love these!

SO the final verdict on Gluten Free Asian Helper? Yummy

Would I buy it again? I honestly don’t think so.

I couldn’t stop thinking about making my own version with brown rice and whole, natural ingredients. Plus, I’m not a fan of MSG. It’s unnecessary.

And did you notice this little gem on the box?

asian helper 035

Even though it’s gluten free it still tastes great? Phew! I thought gluten free meant gross. bahahahahahaha

I guess you have to reassure gluten lovers. It’s ok. It still tastes great…even without the gluten.


Keep those answers coming!! I’m working on a post about going gluten free and weight, and I would love your input! I’m loving your emails on the subject too!