Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day Three–Lights, Camera, Action


BIG Day!

day three 001

Twinsies’ girlfriend’s uncle (stay with me) is a camera man for CBS. Having worked at the studio for over 30 years, he has worked on a ton of different shows. But as I’ve mentioned before, I have a bit of an….embarrassing…obsession…..

with The Young and The Restless.

But what I haven’t told you, is that this obsession actually stemmed from my own mother!

Growing up we lived in the country, and only had three TV channels – one of which was CBS. My mom loved to watch Y&R and us kids often watched with her. As an adult, I DVR each episode and catch up when I can.

So when twinsies found out we were coming, he and his girlfriend set in to motion a plan to get my mom a behind-the-scenes look at a show that she’s been watching for over 30 years.

day three 002

And we did! We got a personal tour from her uncle – starting with The Price is Right set. What an amazing set! First- it’s tiny. Second – the wheel is SUPER short! Plinko- tiny. Everything is SO much smaller than it looks on TV.

Next we went to the set of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Again – tiny.

Finally, we arrived. We saw a bunch of sets that they weren’t filming on – Crimson Lights, Restless Style, Police Department, park, Chancellor living room. And we got to watch some filming on the sets of the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Characters we were able to watch: Victor, Ashley, Jack, Lauren, Michael, Jill, Colin, and Nick. We also were able to talk to Ashley and Jill – amazing.

All in all, it was pretty amazing. Having worked at the movie studio in Wilmington, it was really neat to have a tour of a larger studio. And watching scenes being filmed of a favorite show – once in a lifetime wonderful!

We spent the entire morning on set, and just after lunch, met up with the rest of our group. We did some light shopping and toured twinsies apartment. But the highlight of the afternoon was a visit to Dunder Mifflin:

day three 003

day three 004

Michael Scott’s Cure for Rabies Fun Run…anyone?

day three 005

As it turns out, they film the Office, including exteriors, just a few miles from twinsies apartment! So we took pictures and made show references. Awesome!

And after such a wonderful morning and afternoon, it just kept getting better at supper!

day three 016

Swingin’ Door Texas BBQ was a tiny spot in the middle of Van Nuys and it is such a hidden gem! They make all their sauces daily, including ketchup!

day three 011

Gluten Free Sauces? You bet! Slow cooked meats? Delicious!

day three 014

Best potato salad in the world!

On our way back to the hotel, we were even able to watch an impromptu fashion show!

day three 017

Pocket Book hats – it’s the latest fashion from LA, Milan, and the Dodge Caravan.

day three 019

But the models didn’t want their photos taken.

day three 018


Some folks in our group are going to Jay Leno today, but me, bestie, and Lil’ Gluten Loves Me have other plans!