Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Eight & Nine–Loooooong


Monday and Tuesday have been the shortest and longest days of my life! I know that doesn’t quite make sense, but that’s how it feels. We started out Monday morning packing our bags and taking our time checking out of the hotel. Then we were off to lunch!

day eight 051

Tender Greens – San Diego – Liberty Station

Boy oh boy! We chose well.

day eight 044

Their menu basically consists of a few yummy salads, a few yummy meats, and a few yummy veggies.

day eight 047

I chose the salt and pepper chicken, tender greens salad, and yukon gold mashed potatoes.

day eight 045

YUM! The chicken was heavenly. The potatoes were creamy. The salad was crisp.

Perfect. I savored each bite. If there was a Tender Greens in Durham, I would eat there once a week! Bonus: All tea in San Diego comes unsweet!

After lunch we made a final shopping pit stop at H&M, while Lil’ Gluten Loves Me took a nap in the car. She was going to need her energy for the San Diego Zoo! Too bad most of the animals were still taking their naps…

day eight 068

day eight 130

day eight 084

Good thing they’re still pretty cute while sleeping! We had a blast hiking around the park.

day eight 100

day eight 097

day eight 146

day eight 134

And riding around in carts. Do not call it a stroller! She’s a big girl. Big girls ride in carts. Too bad they didn’t make any really big girl sized carts, because I could have used one! We walked the entire park and somehow missed the pandas! So Parrish and I trekked back to see the fluffiest, cutest, snuggliest animal at the zoo.

day eight 163day eight 167

It was worth the walk. Two happy pandas people!

day eight 055

After an afternoon spent at the zoo, we headed over to the airport for our 9:30 western time flight, only to arrive at the Newark airport as the sun was rising 5:30 eastern time. Amount of time I slept: ZERO

day eight 170

It was a smooth ride to Newark, but then things started to get a bit…bumpy. We came FOUR MINUTES away from missing our connecting flight at 6:30 and even ended up going back through security after taking a wrong turn. But we made it.

However, we made it without breakfast or coffee. Good thing the flight was only a little over an hour. Amount of time I slept: one hour

So we finally made it to Charlotte…but our luggage didn’t. So I slept for a few more hours at bestie’s house and BIL and Parrish went back to the airport to get our luggage. Groggy and sleepy, I slept a bit more as we drove my mom to her house. Then I took over and drove a little over an hour to pick up Hazel at her kennel.

When we finally made it home at 4:30 yesterday, I was exhausted. Lights out for over twelve hours! And even as I’m writing this at 12noon…my body still feels like it’s first thing in the morning!

Any tips for getting over jet lag?


SO I’m back. In hot and humid North Carolina! First things first – grocery store and laundry!