Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tres Personas Felices


Three Happy People!

Last night Parrish and I joined my auntie (Yes! THIS auntie) for supper in downtown Durham. My auntie was here for business, and it was such a treat to see her! I knew I wanted to take her somewhere with more gluten free options than salad sans dressing. or burgers without buns.

dos perros 001

Dos Perros!

I have had SO many good dining experiences at Dos Perros. There wait staff are incredibly knowledgeable on all things gluten free. IN FACT, one of the folks on staff actually has Celiac Disease.

But Monday nights are:

dos perros 002

taco night! So I wasn’t sure what was or wasn’t gluten free.

When we were first seated, I breached the subject with our waiter and was MORE than happily surprised when he said that yes, most tacos were gluten free, and that he would check on which ones weren’t. To my surprise, he came back with some incredible news:

Since they use rice flour, even fried items were gluten free! Say what?! I was practically giddy. I told him to hug their chef.

I started with an unsweet tea:

dos perros 008

and perused the menu with a big fat grin on my face.

dos perros 003

I decided to go with the Col rizada con camote (kale with sweet potatoes and queso fresco) and Tinga de Pollo (shredded chicken)

dos perros 010

My auntie also ordered the kale, but then she also ordered the carnitas (twice cooked pork)

dos perros 013

Parrish ordered one kale and two camarones fritos (fried shrimp)

dos perros 014

And being a sweetie, he let me have ONE of this shrimp!

dos perros 018

So good! But back to the kale:

dos perros 015

I LOVED this taco! And the chicken was great too, moist and flavorful! We also had salsa,

dos perros 007

and guacamole for the table.

dos perros 009

BEST guac ever!! BEST dining experience ever!! BEST waiter ever!! Best Best Best!

dos perros 021

Thanks so much for a wonderful evening Dos Perros! I will definitely be making Taco Night a new tradition!!