Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Step Into


Spring Rolls!

sunday night 074

A few weeks ago I was perusing the Asian Foods section at Whole Foods. I’m always looking for some new marinades and sauces made with gluten free tamari. I love Thai food, Japanese food, Vietnamese food, Chinese food….etc. And I miss those flavors.

When I saw these guys peeking out from the bottom shelf

sunday night 075

tons of recipes came to mind.

But I was skeptical. I had never made spring rolls at home. Even when I ate gluten. So for my first attempt, I took it slow. I planned to just try a few with plain veggies.

sunday night 047

Cucumber, red pepper, and carrot

Check out these carrots!

sunday night 038

I love fresh carrots! Our farmer’s market was BRIMMING with carrots.

I sliced the veggies matchstick style and mixed in one tbsp. gluten free tamari and two tbsp. gluten free orange sauce.

sunday night 059

To moisten the rice wrappers, I used a plate that has a raised rim. Filled it with water:

sunday night 061

and submerged the wrapper.

You want the wrapper to be completely pliable.

sunday night 064

Shake off the excess and water and get wrappin’!

I filled my wrappers a little too lightly, but I was nervous about it tearing. But let me assure you, you can stuff these guys FULL.

sunday night 065sunday night 067

sunday night 068sunday night 069

sunday night 070sunday night 071

But these were so good!

I ended up with a little shortie stack:

sunday night 078

I can’t wait to experiment more with the fillings.

sunday night 073

And apparently you can fry them up too?! I decided to stay fresh, but you can read about frying them up here, on Gluten Free Jesus Freak’s blog.


So I just got the phone call from my mechanic. After a $70 tow in to the shop, it’s going to cost $329 to get it going again. I guess it’s relatively cheap, and I’m lucky it’s not thousands of dollars. But with my LA trip coming up, this was SO NOT in the budget!

Dang cars!