Monday, June 6, 2011

A Spontaneous Weekend!


Parrish and I had a great weekend!

We kicked it off on Friday night, with a movie:

The Hangover Part 2! I have to say that it wasn’t as funny as the first, but it was still hilarious!

Saturday morning I woke up super early so that I could mow the grass before the real heat of the day came. I know most folks dread mowing, but I actually love it!

PLUS, I was looking forward to lunch with my handsome hubby:

weekend 010

at one of our favorite spots:

weekend 008

Tyler’s Tap Room @ The American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham

I love the Tobacco Campus! We sat outside, and since I had mowed the lawn, I treated myself to a refreshing cocktail:

weekend 013

Peach Sweet Tea Cocktail – YUM!

And since we were already downtown, we decided to see if there were tickets to the Durham Bulls baseball game that night.

weekend 014


We’re pretty lucky to have such a nice ballpark right in our downtown, and even luckier to have a pretty good minor league team!

weekend 017

And even though we didn’t win, Parrish and I still had a super fun time!

And the cocktails continued with this…

weekend 019

$6.00 tiny, baby sip of wine!

Our seats were underneath an awning, directly underneath a HUGE fan, so the temperature was actually perfect! I could have sat there all night!

Sunday I spent most of the day wrapping up loose ends, and prepping veggies for lunches this week. I like to pre-cut most everything, that way I save time and have no excuse not to eat my veggies!

Sunday afternoon I went to a new book club with some new friends that was so much fun! We discussed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I had been dying to talk about with someone!! Fun fact, did you know that the Swedish title was actually: Men Who Hate Women !? I was surprised!


And now it’s Monday morning! Back to the grind Winking smileBut not really! After work, Parrish and I are meeting one of my favorite aunties for supper! I love surprise visits!